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Tuesday, November 04 2008
Giving back is at the core of what we do and why we do what we do.  As many of you know, we are the only organization that requires international service on all of our tours.  This is something that has been unique to us and a part of the fabric of our organization.  Whether it is working with homeless aboriginal children in Australia, building homes in Hawaii, or working those affected by the conflict from years ago in Ireland, there is a need in every country we visit.  In 2009, we will again have our Zag Xtreme Project which will be sponsoring children in Africa.  In 2007 and 2008,  Zag sponsored children for in the names of many of our traveling teams.  The support provided for necessary, food, water, and education for the child.  The athletes and teams were then expected to write letters and gain an understanding for the situation that these children in Africa come from.  Zag Xtreme has been inspired by the UN Millenium Project found here:


Although, what we do is very small in the grand scheme of the world, if we all do something we can affect change. We continually feel inspired to do something to make a difference whether it be giving back with our hands on tour or sponsoring those in extreme poverty with our support. We hope to instill the same in our traveling athletes. We hope that they will be inspired to consider how they can make a difference in bigger ways as they advance beyond the field and into professional life.  If you have a passion for a cause, consider how we might be able to meld your tour with your cause and work to make a difference together!  Join us as we Zag and make a difference.  Travel.  Play.  Give Back.
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Sunday, November 02 2008
As we have all seen in the world of soccer, large scale international youth events are the life blood of the global grassroots development.  As we have worked over the years we have noted a shortage of international tournaments for our youth teams in exciting and attractive locations.  Well, Laxfest Europe aspires to one day be the world's biggest and best international youth lacrosse festival.  Hosted in beautiful Ireland, in eclectic Dublin, Laxfest Europe aims to bring together boys and girls from the lacrosse player world for a long weekend of competition, training, and cultural sharing.  Learn more about the event here and don't miss out on this unique experience! This event is open to U14, U16, U18 boys and girls teams.  There will also be a college level division for 1 NCAA Men's and Women's team.  We look forward to seeing you next August!
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Saturday, November 01 2008
We are proud to be celebrating 5 years as a leader in producing and developing high level lacrosse tours and events throughout the world.  Almost 6 years ago our founders traveled the globe in hopes of developing fruitful lacrosse relationships with many of our world's best lacrosse playing countries.  Over the years our best teams in the USA and the best international teams have looked to us to develop their high level international experiences.  Whether it be developing the English National team's training program in the USA or growing the game in undeveloped lacrosse playing countries such as Spain,  we are proud to serve the sport as an innovator of new and exciting programs and events around the world. We pride ourselves in creating programs that are unique and out of the box.  Whether it be setting up a lacrosse program in South Africa or our unique Japan/Hawaii itinerary we are only limited by your imagination and willingness to try something new.  2008 marked the first time a NCAA Division 1 lacrosse team had competed in Spain.  Lacrosse at La Manga, hosted at the famed European resort in Southeastern Spain, featured powerhouse Princeton Men's Lacrosse and the English National team.  Not only was it the highest level lacrosse competition in Spain, the teams then went on to Dublin to compete in what just might have been the highest level competition on the Emerald isle. 2009 will only add to our history of innovation with the development of the development of Laxfest Europe in Dublin. 
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