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Philanthropia:  Greek origin of the word Philanthropic which has the meaning,  "for the love of mankind".

In our opinion there is more to an international experience than just sport, culture, and education.  The potential impact is much deeper and greater than that.  Of course an international experience is an opportunity to experience all of the latter in the best way possible, but in our opinion, more importantly a time to extend our hand to those in need.  We as a nation are the fortunate benefactors of many of those before us.  In a world where we truly need bridges of understanding we at Zag feel a great responsibility to provide opportunities to give back in some small way. Regardless of whether the lax playing nation we visit is rich or poor, there is opportunity.  An opportunity to make a difference. 


As indicated and exemplified throughout the organization, the true passion at Zag Lax is to make an impact on the globe in some small way. This passion and commitment has been a part of our fabric since our inception. We are the only organization to require service as a component of their tour.  That is unique to us and represents our authenticity and commitment to this ideal.   Whether it be working with orphans, building homes for those in need, or just working with young people, we have found that such activities make a profound impact on the natives of the country, as well as on the teams taking part. In combination with the other fantastic components of a tour, volunteering can create a long lasting, powerful, human experience which contributes to the well being of the whole person and the world at large.


In addition to being a strong proponent of "giving with our hands", Zag Sports also shares a portion of proceeds with organizations who are dedicated to global women's causes such as World Vision. To learn more about World Vision and their global impact please visit  

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